Our firm is an independent, fee-only, registered investment management firm based in California’s rapidly growing Silicon Valley. We help individual and institutional investors build and preserve capital and income. We offer the sophisticated investment management services normally reserved for large institutions and the very wealthy, and tailor them to meet each client’s financial objectives within comfortable risk parameters.

Our expertise is companies. Therefore, our primary investment vehicles are stocks, corporate bonds, preferred stocks, convertible bonds and other hybrid securities.




The firm manages growth and income portfolios for two different groups of clients:


Private Investors

including individuals, families, businesses, professional practices, and the investment operations (family offices) of entrepreneurs and wealthy dynasties; and

Institutional Investors

including corporations, charitable organizations, foundations and endowments.




Evla Hills Investment Management LLC was founded on the principles of trust, integrity and personal service. Our objective is to deliver the best possible financial advice in a friendly, low-key and lucid manner. We invest our own capital alongside our clients’, which underscores our commitment to helping clients realize their financial goals and lifetime dreams.



Our Independence

We are an independent investment advisory firm. We do what we think is in the best interest of our clients. We are not affiliated with any national or regional brokerage firm. We have, therefore, no interest  in pushing anyone’s agenda or program.

A Fee-Only Advisor

We charge a fixed fee on asset under management. Our fees only grow as the clients’ asset grows. So our own interest is well aligned with that of our clients. We do not currently, nor have plans in the future to charge any commission.


Fee Schedule

Our separate account management service requires a minimum account size of $250,000. The quarterly fee is 0.2125% of asset under management. 
We also manage a pooled investment fund for qualified investors only and requires a minimum account size of $500,000. The quarterly fee is 0.25% and there is an annual incentive bonus at 20% of the gains above high water mark. 





Dong Hao Zhang, PhD, our president and chief investment officer, has two decades of experience managing U.S equity portfolios. Before founding Evla Hills, he managed $2 billion in equity investments for Phoenix Investment Partners. Dr. Zhang managed U.S. equity investments for the Phoenix Balanced Fund, Strategic Allocation Fund and Phoenix Worldwide Strategy Fund (1999-2006); the Institutional Value Product and Phoenix Edge Value Equity Fund (2000-2006), and the Phoenix Growth and Income Fund (1997-2006). Earlier he managed the American Century Equity Growth Fund for Benham Capital Management (1995-1997).



Dr. Zhang is also an accomplished physicist.

He graduated in three years first in his class at UCLA with a BS in Physics (after high school in his native Shanghai) and went on to Stanford University where he received a PhD in Physics, specializing in semiconductor devices.






Personal Attention

Personal attention is at the heart of Evla Hills’ services. We make every effort to understand each client’s specific needs and tailor our investment management activities accordingly. Clients always have direct access to our investment professionals. We are more than happy to answer any financial questions that clients have, including those pertaining to portfolios not managed by us.

Statements and Reports

Client portfolios are domiciled at Charles Schwab, which provides monthly statements as well as 24/7 online access. We supplement these statements with quarterly reports, detailing client performance and holdings and offering our perspective on recent market activities and future outlooks.