在美国高赌注德扑圈里,大卫艾因霍恩(David Einhorn)是个常客。他文质彬彬、低声细语的样子和充满自信灼灼逼人的扑克强手形成鲜明对比。

Are Investors Too Optimistic

In a blog published by Yahoo Finance on February 20, Author Sam Ro cited a piece of research by Goldman Sachs US Chief Investment Strategist David Kostin. “Cognitive dissonance exists …



An Ordinary Day

  Traffic was a bit heavier than usual today as I made my way to work. At one of the intersections, the usual bespectacled traffic volunteer in his orange vest …

Mystery of the Surging GDP

On Friday Oct 28, The Commerce Department delivered an impressive headline US inflation-adjusted annual GDP growth rate of 2.9%. Stocks roared when market first opened. After paltry GDP growth in …