Evla Hills Investment Management LLC was founded on the principles of trust, integrity and personal service. Our objective is to deliver the best possible financial advice in a friendly, low-key and lucid manner.

         Dong Hao Zhang, PhD

Our president and chief investment officer, has two decades of experience managing U.S equity portfolios. Before founding Evla Hills, he managed $2 billion in equity investments for Phoenix Investment Partners. Dr. Zhang managed U.S. equity investments for the Phoenix Balanced Fund, Strategic Allocation Fund and Phoenix Worldwide Strategy Fund (1999-2006); the Institutional Value Product and Phoenix Edge Value Equity Fund (2000-2006), and the Phoenix Growth and Income Fund (1997-2006).

Earlier he managed the American Century Equity Growth Fund for Benham Capital Management (1995-1997).


 Dr. Zhang is also an accomplished physicist.

He graduated in three years first in his class at UCLA with a BS in Physics (after high school in his native Shanghai) and went on to Stanford University where he received a PhD in Physics, specializing in semiconductor devices.

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Yosemite in snow


美国近代最伟大的诗人罗伯特弗罗斯特观察自然和人生的盛衰,写下了这个著名的句子,“Nothing Gold Can Stay”。不过对黄金投资人来说,只有黄金才是永恒的。